And this, ladies & gentlemen, is how it's done!

This is what Inside Maronqua is all about:

  • backstage stuff
  • sneak-peeks
  • the things advertisers don't usually let you see
  • the mess behind the perfect package

Last week we posted one of the latest projects Maronqua did, for MTV Mobile Romania, on our website.

But, like every other showcase in the world, we only displayed the finished product, the carefully handcrafted and neatly polished pearl.

But how did we get there? What was the process? What was it like in the messy stages? looked something like this:

Yeah, we actually understand those schematas and doodles and what-not.

Proof? We turned them into versions and layouts and mock-ups. Lots of them! All perfectly aligned within really, really strict grids.

Let's zoom in, because Bogdan's artboards are crazy big:

Then, at one point, Alexandra got an e-mail that approved the designs and implementation followed.

But Radu doesn't just write code like every other web designer. His code is so bug free, we suspect it's from a galaxy far, far away:

Finally, 44967 perfectly optimized lines of code later, this is the preview we showed the world, in order to get them to cheer for us (why be hypocrites about it? That IS the purpose of a showcase, right?):

Want to know what each of us did for this project? Here's a really cool treat!

I, Marius - the copywriter - am really excited about the treat... I didn't know these things existed. Seriously cool... even if you web developers think it's lame and overdone, overused and you're already used to this kind of things.

I just found out, so it's new to me!!

Joey thinks so too!