Happy birthday to our Copy!

...which is why they put me to work! Naah, just kidding, I wanted to. And. It. Was. STICKY!

A tradition in the making

And they wrote me a little poem too:

Though we don't have as much talent in rhymes
We sure can loudly use our chimes
To wish you: Happy Birthday - a thousand times!

A little poem for H.I.M.

Some say he dreams in text

And that makes everyone perplexed

But we all know he is complex

For as he is skilled in words

His imagination breaks records,

So that we may call him - Lord of the boards!

We dont know how good he sings,

But you should taste his sticky chicken wings

For it is a feast fit for kings

And though he seems a little cryptic

We can tell you he is artistic

And his presence is addictive.

So Happy Happy Birthday for yesterday

To our fellow Copy, yay!!!

Copy's edit:

I seriously didn't touch that text. Not one word, comma or full stop. Neither corrected, changed, moved nor added. So thanks guys!

For the ones who are thinking: "why is this guy so personal all of a sudden, isn't this text supposed to be the voice of the agency or... stuff?" ...just enjoy it will ya? :)

Just one thing: The sticky chicken wings... they were actually sticky pork ribs ;) But hey... you can't mess with the poet's rhyme, right?

Aaaand, here's the actual food: