Killing your demons

Maronqua sometimes needs to unwind. Needs to solve its problems. Needs to clear its thoughts from the bad, to let the good in.

And what better way to do that, than by killing beasties, spawns of hell and minions of doom and saving the world while we're at it.

Yup... we're talking about Diablo III aka the big, red guy whom Marius (our copywriter) is currently slaughtering:

So here's our team from a different perspective:

Radu "Conqueror of Pixels" Tudorie



who mainly uses Diablo for debugging, seriously, whenever he gets stuck with debugging code, he goes in, kills a few creeps and gets back on track... yeah... it actually works!

Alexandra "Mindbender" Tataru



she actually wanted to play Borderlands, but we got her to try this out too. She'll like it eventually :P

Bogdan-Alexandru "Clipping Ninja Mask" Ungureanu


Demon Hunter

if you ask him why he plays, he'll answer: "because he made me"

Marius Michal "Wordlock" Klimowicz


Monk (yup, it's a she)

mainly uses the game to clear his mind when transitioning between projects

Because all work and no play makes Maronqua a dull agency! :D