Maronqua's First!

Time flies when you’re having fun!

On that note we wish to wish (how’s that for copy?) a Happy Birthday to... well... us!!! Yep, it’s actually been a year since Radu Tudorie and Oana Cojocaru founded Maronqua. Since then we’ve been breaking the boundaries of creativity and handcrafting perfection. Not only did we go out of the box, but we tore it up and turned the cardboard into an artboard. Moreover, we loved every minute of it...

...and we still do, which is why we still don’t see it as work. We listened and explored, we imagined and defined, we handcrafted and perfected. We provided integrated solutions. With each project we learned and grew, always keeping our eyes on the pearl and striving for nothing less than pixel perfect advertising.

What now you ask? Since it’s becoming a Maronqua tradition to have feasts on birthdays, we thought we’d go on a picnic besides a palace (not even kidding). Fun aside though, we’ll continue to do what we do best and that’s to solve and create for the select few who choose quality over quantity. Even though things have changed a bit along the way.

About half a year ago, Oana left for England to manage events on an international scale. Now Marius (the copywriter who is writing this: ‘trust me: it’s weirder for me, than it is for you’) is leaving to study Shakespeare in England. That country is stealing our talent!! Naah, we’re just kidding: we wish them the best of luck and are happy they can take the Maronqua Perfectionism wherever they choose to wander. While we will miss them both, we would like to welcome the newest members of our team: Uana and Irina. We can barely wait for their fresh approach and the awesome things their minds and imaginations create when unlocked by Maronqua.

So here’s to everyone who made this possible; to our stubborn attention for details; to our thirst for quality advertising; to making it ever better!

Here’s to a year of Maronqua!

Oh and one more thing... do bear in mind that this has been merely a warm up.