To infinity and beyond

Hello world, it's been a while.

No, we're not gone, nor idle or lazy. We've just had more on our plate than usual. That's something you might hear a lot if you ever get to spend a day at Maronqua. Due mostly to our obsessive compulsiveness, our never-ending quest for that perfect pixel just got much more interesting. But more about that, soon. Really soon.

In the meantime, here's something bound to put a smile on your collective faces:

We've told you before about Bogdan and his Cosmics, those little one eyed aliens that are hanging on to his glasses and playing with his beard.

Since then, the Cosmics have traveled to even further reaches of the universe, where they were intercepted by IQads, the biggest, meanest, mothership of advertising news in Romania. Here, they've been questioned about their origins and intentions and had no choice, but to release the information. So now, you get to read all you wanted to know about our amazing Art Director Bogdan, and his cosmic creations in this awesome interview.

And remember everyone, you can stalk the Cosmics on Facebook and Tumblr.

Proud of you BGD - keep being awesome.