Welcome to our minds: here there be toys...

...and soup and post-its and other nifty stuff. This is what Inside Maronqua is.

Yeeaah, lego baby!

Seriously though, this blog will feature a behind-the-scenes peek into our prefectionism, our personal sand-box, our playground, how Radu finds inspiration for designs and fixing coding bugs in the Diablo III universe.

OK, maybe that wasn’t so serious, either. Let us try again: it’s Alexandra’s wonderful cuisine and the food she delights us with from time to time. Smell-o-vision and taste-o-vision not included, ‘cause, to quote some seagulls from a fishy animation, "mine"!

Wait, wait, we really can be serious about this...we hope. Here goes nothing: it’s a trip through the complexity of Bogdan’s process to achieve that perfect design, with a side order of spontaneous amateur haircuts.

Ah, damnit! One more try... we think we can get it right this time. It’s our identity in-between projects, when we unwind and Marius lets his sanity go out the window, then jumps after it to catch it and belly flops the pavement.

Ah, fine, we can’t be serious about it. Or maybe we don’t want to.

This is the fun side of Maronqua ;)